A professional Birth Photographer understands how to work within the birth space, to capture clear, evocative images, even in low light and unpredictable circumstances. 

You could have a support person take your photos, but without experience and specialised equipment, birth photos usually turn out grainy, unfocused, and lacking the aesthetic quality that professional photographs provide (think awkward angles and beautiful moments missed). Putting your birth photography in the hands of a professional will give you better photos and keep your partner’s hands free to support you.

When I photograph a birth, my aim is not just to capture how it looks, but how it feels.

I know how to find those tiny moments that tell your birth story – the curve of your belly, your partner’s hands on your back, the encouraging whispers in your ear, the serenity between contractions and the fierce determination to ride those waves, the pure joy in the moment you lay eyes on your baby, the perfect newness of your wee one’s wrinkled toes – all captured beautifully in photographs you will treasure forever.

When you hire me as your birth photographer, I will be on call for you 24/7 from 38-weeks of pregnancy, ready to drop everything to be with you through your active labour, birth and meeting your baby. I make this enormous commitment for Perth families because I am so passionate about birth and documenting the unique story of a baby’s journey into this world.

My husband and I were lucky enough to have Cat present at my son’s birth. Cat did an amazing job at capturing all the raw emotion of the day and provided a wonderfully supportive presence. She knew exactly when to make her presence known (i.e. providing a helping hand) and at other times she was so inconspicuous that I often forgot she was even there! The quality of the images she took were out of this world!! I cried when I first saw them, and I have continued to cry everytime I get them out. I would use Cat a million times over except I don’t plan on having that many babies. My next plan is to have Cat take some family pictures for us. Do yourself a favour and hire Cat as your photographer, you won’t regret it and will have a beautiful collection of images to relive one of the most special moments in your family’s history.
— Yara Heary - Birth of Otis