I met Mel, her partner Joao, and their little dude Matteo at my new favourite location in Perth Hills on a warm summer evening. Mel looked gorgeous in her deep blue maternity dress that skimmed over her ripe baby belly just perfectly. Her impressively long dreadlocks drew my attention - and I'm sure you can see why. 

We chatted and chased the sun, capturing Mel's silhouette reflection in the pools of fresh water that had formed in the hollows of the rocks. Mel expressed her concern for being 'awkward' in front of the camera - but even if she felt awkward, it didn't seem to show!


Sweet little Matteo explored the location with daddy and then joined in for a few shots.... Mumma resorted to a teensy bit of bribery in the form of sweets to draw him away from his rocky adventures for a few moments.


It was such a lovely session. I was so busy enjoying myself that I forgot the time and we stayed later than planned - for the sake of 'just a few more shots'.

Thank you for allowing me to honour you and your baby belly, Mel.

Cat x